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Are you recovering from surgery or a sports injury? Let us provide professional physical therapy so you have pain relief, start the recovery process, and get back to the things you love.

Back, neck, shoulder, knee, and ankle pain, sciatica, and other conditions are painful and interfere with everyday life. Start enjoying the benefits of chiropractic care at Rocky Point Chiropractic.

We belong to numerous respected organizations, including

NY Chiropractic Association,

NY Physical Therapy Association,

American Physical Therapy Association, and the American Chiropractic Association.

David Stern, D.C.P.T., is a Mather Hospital Collaborative Care chiropractor, a former instructor at Touro College Physical Therapy Program, and he received training at the Hospital at Albert Einstein College of Medicine .  

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Enjoy pain relief and

start recovering today

Living in pain isn't easy. It can quickly wear you down and interfere with daily life. Rely on the professionals at Rocky Point Physical Therapy to provide the treatments that you need and deserve. We welcome new patients and accept numerous types of insurance.

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